Onsite staffing solutions unique to your business.

All About Personnel (AAP Staff)/TPSG is a business that works closely with our clients to develop an onsite staffing solution. We work with clients in fields and industries that are not the same and we acknowledge that. Our goal is to learn our client’s business, culture and unique needs to ensure a smooth partnered fit. 


We take the necessary steps to learn the goals of our client’s objectives. In our staffing programs, we make sure that we learn about or client’s goals, research their marketplace and learn about what others may be doing in their industry. With this program, we implement and improve solutions that add value and cost savings for our clients, and we follow through by documenting that value.


Our process includes a plan for continuous improvement that delivers a strong return on investment. We come out of the box with a system that is progressive, dynamic and responsive.

What we do:

1) Needs Assessment  

The first part of our assessment process is to listen. We want to hear your needs, frustrations, successes, and overall operation of the business and staffing program. We want to know where your need stems from and to work with your team to establish actionable goals and objectives, but attainable, timelines for implementation.


We will create a staffing program that runs parallel to our client’s infrastructure.


2) Current Process Delivery

Once we know the scope of your program, we’ll send our operations team to identify cost reduction recommendations and potential process improvements. We’ll conduct a current state analysis of your marketplace and assess the delivery models available to you. We’ll also troubleshoot any gaps in coverage and figure out how to improve your program’s performance within the context of current marketplace trends.


Considering best practices and industry trends, we’ll then create clear and thorough documentation that quantifies all relevant program data as well as all opportunities for improvement and the options for moving forward.


3) Apply the Principles of Program Design

After a deep dive that explores your needs and the state of your industry, we’ll tap into our expertise with lean principles, Six Sigma, SQF and etc. to develop a solution that drives efficiency in your specific industry.


One element of our approach is the implementation of a blueprint for continuous improvement of the physical work environment; it encourages to remove unnecessary obstacles in the workplace. 


By applying lean principles as well as the related concepts, our onsite team will develop a strategy that drives value by eliminating waste and increasing efficiency in a systematic way. Our ultimate goals are to increase predictability of workforce performance and to limit the amount of rework that needs to be done. With less waste and higher productivity, you receive maximum ROI.


4) Deliver Information About Proposed Program Savings

The next step in our process is to translate our assessment of your goals and your marketplace, as well as our plan to add value to your program, into a coherent and measurable business case. This business case is built on a foundation of real data. Our recommendations are backed by metrics that have been measured and quantified. We will present you with this data to empower your team to make informed strategic decisions.


When you work with Staff Management | SMX as an industrial staffing partner, you can rest assured that we’ll work diligently to add value to your manufacturing, distribution or fulfillment operations. We’ll provide you with the information that you need for a successful industrial staffing program.


5) Track the Results of Our Improvements

The final step in our lean assessment process is to provide you with a plan for tracking results. We know that not all clients have the same reporting needs for their industrial staffing programs. What our clients need to know varies based on the individual company, its specific projects and the unique marketplace in which it operates.


So, whether you need extremely precise data about the staffing program at your site, a broad overview of the program status at several sites, or some combination of those two options, we’ll develop a plan to report the results that you need to see. We want you to have the data you require so you can make further decisions and hold us accountable for meeting the goals we’ve established with you.


A Roadmap for Industrial Staffing and Continuous Improvement


Our process is a road map to hear your needs, understand your environment, develop and document a continuous improvement plan, and track the results. We want to drive improvement every step of the way, add value wherever we can and hold ourselves accountable for your results.